Founded in 1995
About Us

We're leading Forging Solution Provider in India

Welcome to Lava Forge – your premier destination for forging excellence with over 20 years of industry leadership. Our 76,500 square feet facility stands as a symbol of our commitment to precision and innovation. Since our inception, we've seamlessly blended tradition with cutting-edge technology, crafting forged solutions that surpass expectations.

Driven by passion, our skilled team of artisans and engineers collaborates to create products of unparalleled quality. Our rich history is a testament to our resilience and dedication to perfection.

What sets us apart is not just our size, but our unwavering commitment to precision. From concept to creation, we prioritize quality in every aspect of our work. As a reliable partner, we've earned the trust of clients across industries, delivering on time, every time.

At Lava Forge, we don't just forge products; we forge relationships. Join us on this journey where tradition meets technology, and excellence is not just a mission but a tradition upheld with pride. Welcome to forging a better future with Lava Forge.

Lava Forge

Strategic Pillars


At Lava Forge, we envision becoming the forefront leader in the forging industry, setting new benchmarks for excellence. Our vision is to transform industries globally by providing precision-crafted components that drive innovation and shape a future of endless possibilities.



Our mission is centered around crafting precision, building enduring partnerships, and shaping the future of forging. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and a passionate team, we aim to exceed expectations in delivering reliable components. We are committed to driving success across diverse industries, pushing boundaries, and contributing to a future where our forged solutions play a pivotal role.

Core Value

Our core values—Precision, Innovation, Integrity, Customer-Centric Approach, Team Collaboration, Quality Excellence, and Sustainability—define our identity. These values guide every decision we make, ensuring that we deliver exceptional products, build lasting relationships, and contribute responsibly to the world around us.

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